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A Fantastic First Flush of Phoenix Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 13:01
A photo by Brian de Bruijn of a cluster of Hantana Phoenix oyster mushrooms grown from one of our kits, purchased at The Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, NY.  Click the image to see an enlargement. debruijn-mushrooms-300

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A fun, affordable, educational and healthy product! Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 March 2012 15:02
One of Radicalfarmergal's Hantana Phoenix clusters

I want to tell you that I am very pleased with the two kits you sent us.  The entire family enjoyed watching the mushrooms grow, they produced beautifully and we enjoyed eating them.  Right now the mycelium is resting, getting ready for another flush of mushrooms.  I wrote a short blog series about it on as Radicalfarmergal

Thank you very much for providing such a fun, affordable, educational and healthy product!  

Robin in Massachusetts 
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Newly-Confirmed Mushroom Fans Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 07:10
Thank you for the mushrooms. Growing them was a very fun project. This is us with our third harvest. Once the mushrooms sprouted, it took about three days to grow into a good sized mushroom. It was cool to see them in the light because you could see the spores wafting off them like dust! They sprouted three full times and they're huge. We are now waiting for a fourth. We fried them when we picked them with lots of butter, parsely, and garlic, until they were nice and brown and crispy. We usually don't like mushrooms, but these ones are really good.

Joseph and David

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Fruiting in Brooklyn Print E-mail
Monday, 29 August 2011 08:04
The mushrooms are really amazing... For so many days I'd been watering them. I thought "Maybe they cannot come out because of the hot weather," so for two days I forgot to water them. And then, yesterday when I went to the bathroom (I arranged a humid spot for them in there) I saw that they had just sprouted out, and a bunch of them! Since yesterday they have been growing like crazy, and they already look like they're ready to eat. They are fascinating... so beautiful and smell so delicious.



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Four Flushes with one of our Hantana Pearl Grow-it-Yourself Kits! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 May 2011 13:39
We had a great time with the mushrooms!
They produced four times and were delicious!
It was really fun to watch them grow.


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A Challenging Science Project Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 10:06
We ordered two kits from you to use in my 5th grade daughters science fair project. We live in Colorado where it is quite dry so we had some difficulty getting them to grow. Her experiment was based on the impacts of light (indirect) vs complete darkness. We had one sitting near a window and one in the basement closet. After several days we added humidifiers near both. The one near the window never grew as I believe even the humidifier wasn't helping there (we were misting too).  But the basement ones soon began to grow. They were beautiful!!  It really was fascinating to watch and record the changes as they grew. My daughter won one of the top three awards with her project (out of over one hundred entries)!!


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Truly Awesome Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 March 2011 10:59
This was my first experience growing mushrooms from a kit. We choose the Hantana Pearl variety and I'm very glad we did because they turned out awesome.  Because it was my first time doing such a project I was monitoring every step along the way. Sometimes it was hard when nothing was happening (that I could tell) but I followed the detailed instructions to a tee and sure enough one day I started to see pin heads. I was SO excited. From there I watched them grow almost hourly and got very excited when I saw the "pink tears" as explained in the instructions.  Upon harvest I sauteed them very simply with some onions and simple spices so I wouldn't mask the flavor too much and they were greatly enjoyed by both my wife and I. The icing on the cake happened when we got a second harvest off of the other side of the bag, this was surely a treat.  Thank you so much for this experience, you now have a repeat customer for life.


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Growing out-of-the-box Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 March 2011 13:29
The mushrooms from our Ready-to-Pop kit turned out great. We couldn't believe how fast they grew- and how beautiful they were as they were growing. We almost didn't want to harvest them. We finally came to terms with the task last night; however, we didn't regret chopping them up once we tasted them. They were delicious! We put them in a white bechamel sauce over rice pasta, the recipe which we have included for your enjoyment.

We look forward to our second flush!

Thanks so much,
The Ward/Wider Family

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