Our old favorite, the Elm Oyster, is back in production. They are producing some amazing results, as described below: 22 ounces just 24 days after inoculation! But that's not the most amazing result. Read on for more details. The Elm Oyster, Hypsizygus ulmarius, deserves wider cultivation. It produces delicious mushrooms abundantly. I'm excited that we'll be offering Elm Oyster kits again very soon.

I have changed the way we do our Ready-to-Pop kits, making them  more productive than ever (the Grow-it-Yourself kits use the same recipe). I just harvested the first flush from one shown in the accompanying pictures

Elm Oyster flourishing in the screenhouse

These first incubated on a shelf in the barn, where it's shady and cooler than outside, then outside in a screen house to fruit, where they got the full effect of the hot, humid summer air, and less shade. That's not the way you're supposed to treat them - typically they want a drop in temperature to form pinheads - but it doesn't seem to matter.


Massive Elm Oyster cluster in hand

After 16 days of incubation in the barn, I cut open the bag and put it out in the screen house. Eight days later, on July 18, I harvested the cluster shown. It weighed just over 22 ounces.


Twenty-two ounces of Elm Oyster

Our Hantana Pearl kits also do well using the same recipe. They frequently produce first flushes weighing well over a pound.

Just this morning, July 20, I harvested one that, coincidentally, weighed just over 22 ounces. I inoculated it on July 6: 22 ounces in 14 days!