We now have a listing in  Local Harvest, who run, they say, "America's #1 organic and local food website."

Filling out the application for the listing on-line, I found myself spontaneously composing a new description of what we do here, which I thought came out pretty well. I submitted the application, and learned that it would take some time for it to be approved. Of course, I hadn't kept a copy of what I'd written, and remembered almost none of it - so I had to wait - a couple of days, it turned out - to see it again. I'm still reasonably happy with it. Here's what it says: 

The Imaginary Farmer produces innovative mushroom growing kits and supplies, and fresh and dried mushrooms. We make our kits using locally- and regionally-produced materials. Our mushrooms include our own strains of species native to our farm and neighborhood in the Chenango River Valley of Central New York. We began marketing our first locally-native oyster mushroom strain, Hantana Pearl(TM), in early 2010.

Through our kits and educational materials and events we promote mushroom growing using highly sustainable, locally-appropriate techniques, as one part of a permaculture food production system. By promoting the growth and consumption of locally-native gourmet and medicinal mushrooms we hope to expand the range of food crops that can be sustainably and profitably grown in our region - and to share the pleasure of growing and consuming these little-known native mushrooms.