Reishi partially wiped clean of spore dust When the shelf-like Reishi fruiting body matures and begins to emit spores, even though the spore-producing surface is the white underside of the shelf, for some reason the spores tend to collect on the top. Before a recent harvest I snapped some photos of one nice specimen showing a heavy coat of spore dust. 

I could tell the Reishi had started emitting spores by the color of the water and the wick in the grow room humidifier: distinctly rust-red. Hopefully there's some health benefit to breathing spores of this medicinal mushroom. Here's what the specimen looked like at first, covered with a solid coat of spore dust: 

Spore-covered Reishi specimen 

I wiped a swath clean, with a water-soaked paper towel, revealing how effectively the spores cover the deep red of the surface. 

Close-up of cleaned, red swath 

Here, wiped clean, it looks the way it did before the spore dust storm began a week or so ago:

 The Reishi shelf cleaned of spore dust