One Small Place

Every place has its own unique character. This website grows out of one small place, the farm in upstate New York where I live. What interesting phenomena might naturally arise here, things that might not make themselves known quickly or easily, but may yield themselves up given patient observation over time? A surprising number and variety of things, as it turns out. You can find out about them here.

Why “The Imaginary Farmer?”

Imaginary Farmer logo, mushrooms

Well, every place has its own unique character, right? More about him later.

I found a mushroom here, a Phoenix Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus pulmonarius), that turned out to be an easy-to-grow, excellent edible mushroom.

Hantana Phoenix

We call it Hantana Phoenix. I cultured it, and sold a lot of kits for growing them from scratch. I also found and cultured a number of other species here, and have been trying to grow them to fruition with varying degrees of success. These include Hericium americanum, Grifola frondosa, Entoloma abortivum, Laetiporus sulphureous, Ganoderma tsugae, Trametes versicolor, and a few others.

I have pretty much stopped selling kits and spawn online, because I was spending too much time on the business rather than what I wanted to do, learn more about the this place and the things that live here, and publish info about that. If you are interested in what I;m doing with a particular mushroom species or growing technique, or anything else, feel free to use the Contact link to ask about it.

I may offer some products from time to time but probably not consistently, so check back from time to time, subscribe to my newsletter – use the form below – to get an occasional email update.

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